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The investments in training are continuing this year. An alumni meeting for participants from the Stena Leadership Program will be held in March and the leadership program Grow for middle management and specialists will start the following month. It is now also possible to apply for the first courses in the Stena Leader’s Menu.

ON 14-15 MARCH, AN ALUMNI MEETING will be held for the 120 managers and specialists who participated in the Stena Leadership Program. The meeting will be a joint kickoff and will contain several different workshops in areas that are important for Stena for the future.

“By gathering all the participants from the seven different leadership programs, we will be able to summarise the program, make sure that everybody is at the same level and has a common picture of how Stena, and in particular shipping, should be developed for the future”, says Janine Sjöö, Manager, Stena Leadership Academy.

The next step will be the leadership program Grow. This is aimed at middle management staff and specialists with the ability and will to take yet another step in their development. Recruitment to the five Grow programs, which will be held in April, May, August, September and October, has begun. Additional leadership programs for managers at different levels are in the pipeline. These programs are designed mainly to strengthen managers in their current roles together with different types of team development.

“The selection process for just Grow is taking place in conjunction with the performance reviews in progress. Here, there is an opportunity to discuss the need for development with one’s superior and which of the leadership programs could be suitable for the person in question”, says Janine Sjöö.
Additionally, the first courses in the Stenas’ Leader’s Menu are now available on Stena AB’s intranet InForum. Currently, there are four that can be applied for in the areas of finance, negotiation skills, labour law and coaching. Everybody who has some form of managerial or specialist position can apply – it is thus not necessary to have attended the Stena Leadership Program or Grow.

“We make use of both external and internal lecturers and course leaders. Stefan Wingqvist, who is Purchasing Director at Stena Teknik, will hold a course on, among other things, negotiation techniques”, says Janine Sjöö.

The course on coaching is a result of the fact that many participants in the Stena Leadership Program wanted to continue to develop their knowledge in the field.

“We’re now looking at whether there is any interest in being coached oneself – which is, of course, useful when one applies a coaching perspective to one’s work”, says Janine Sjöö.

Since the Stena Leadership Program has attracted considerable interest in the Sphere, an additional program may be offered in the autumn.

“We will be starting up more programs as interest and need increase in other parts of Stena and we get new employees in key positions for whom the program could be suitable”, Janine Sjöö adds.

In the long term, all the programs and courses at Stena will be gathered under the Stena Academy umbrella, including the Stena Leadership Program.


Stena Line

Stena Line // March 22, 2021


Ferry company Stena Line plans to start operating two fossil-free battery powered vessels on the route between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn in Denmark no later than 2030. The unique newbuilding project now move from vision to vessel and is a close collaboration between Stena Line and Stena Teknik.

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Stena Line // December 16, 2020


In November Stena Line celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relocation of its ferry services to Belfast (12th November) from Larne in 1995 as well as launching the Holyhead – Dublin route (18th November). During this time, the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company has achieved a number of key milestones including transporting in excess of 45 million passengers, 10 million cars and 10 million freight units.

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Stena Line // October 23, 2020


In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, ferry company Stena Line started the construction of their two new longer E-Flexer ferries in China as well as started the lengthening of Stena Lagan in Turkey. Both projects shows how Stena Line invests long-term in modernising its large European fleet of ferries. Stena Line has not yet revealed the names or the routes.

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Stena Line // July 9, 2020


Stena Line continues to reduce CO2 emissions and is now ten years ahead of the international shipping targets for reducing emissions. In the newly published sustainability overview “A Sustainable Journey” Stena Line reports a reduction of both total CO2 emissions and per transported ton onboard the ferries. New, larger and more energy efficient vessels, AI assisted captains and an increased punctuality are some important measures.

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Stena Line // April 20, 2020


Stena, Wärtsilä, and Methanex Corporation are proud to mark five years of successful operation of the methanol-fuelled ferry Stena Germanica. This is the first ship in the world to run on methanol as a marine fuel, signifying a major milestone in the continued shift towards a more sustainable future for commercial shipping in line with the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

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