With a new campaign, Stena Recycling is taking a step forward in the discussion about plastic and is sharing its expertise. Simultaneously, the company is helping create a circular flow of soft plastic amongst customers and producers.

“We are helping create the change that many are asking for”, says Victor Rondahl, Plastic Sales Manager at Stena Recycling.

Stena Recycling, one of the leading actors in plastic recycling, shares the same mind as its customers in viewing plastic as a valuable resource. It’s a resource that can actually be recycled, but this requires both expertise and willingness to take the lead in the development of efficient processes.

Earlier this fall, a new recycling process was established at Stena Nordic Recycling Center to recycle soft plastic – the type of plastic used in plastic bags and garbage bags. Stena Recycling collects large amounts of plastic waste from its network of business and industrial clients to use as raw material in the recycling process. In this process, the plastic waste is transformed into plastic pellets that can be used to produce, for example, new plastic bags or garbage bags.

“Thanks to our close collaborations with industry and business, we can now create circular material flows for this type of plastic. The fact that we have the whole recycling chain in Sweden means the material and its value stay within the country, a clear benefit both economically and
environmentally”, says Victor Rondahl.

“This is an example of sustainable management that shows that we can use plastic in the future if we do it the right way.”

See the film Re-Think Plastic and browse interesting articles about plastic on Stena Recycling’s campaign page about plastic.

Meanwhile, there is more to do. It’s about helping customers choose the right strategies with regards to optimising their own plastic processing right from the start of production. This way they can save both time and money, and take an important step in more efficient production and a more sustainable company profile. This can include every-thing from selecting a product design and plastic that is suitable for recycling to training employees in sorting correctly and using collection equipment adapted to recycling material.

“Plastic processing is rapidly becoming increasingly important for our customers. Close collaboration is key in order to create more circular solutions and a larger market for recycled plastic. Through our combined expertise, we can create value in the entire “ecosystem” and make it easier for vehicle manufacturers and others who are re-thinking plastic as a resource”, says Christoffer Wahlborg, Key Account Manager at Stena Recycling.

This and other issues will be addressed at a learning day on the 4th of April 2019, hosted by Stena Recycling at the the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad. Invitations have been sent out to customers and other stakeholders to give them an opportunity to increase their knowledge of recycled plastic as a valuable material, whose value ​​can be created through optimisation of plastic handling and the recycling process.

Beyond soft plastic recycling, in the spring Stena Recycling will institute a process for recycling plastic from electronics. The recycled raw material will be used in the production of new plastic parts for electronics – and yet another a circular flow
is created.


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