Many people I meet think that just because I am so interested in leadership and people, I don't care about profitability. That it should somehow be in the nature of things that one is at the expense of the other. But profitability is the very oxygen in an organization. Without oxygen we cannot live. However, the more the technology advances, the more important human qualities will be.

And I am not only convinced that it is possible to care about people and profitability at the same time, they also affect each other in a positive way. The right culture and leadership can be an effective lever to achieve our goals. There is a neglected asset here in many organizations. And this is what motivates me. That is why I am so passionate about people and leadership. 

That is, increasing the prerequisites to utilize everything that all of us working at Stena can and want to contribute with. Both by removing obstacles and providing enablers. I believe in consciously creating the culture that supports the goals we are to achieve. Ask the question – “What do we need for everyone to contribute in the best possible way?” What is required of me as an employee and what is required in terms of leadership? 

But perhaps most importantly, this changes over time. It doesn’t look the same today as it did a few years back. If Stena can keep up with the changes we see in leadership, learning and new ways of working, we will benefit greatly from this. 

Most people agree that development is moving fast. We see it, for example, in both digitalization and sustainability. Among other things the change affects business models, roles, requested skills and our attractiveness as a supplier, partner and employer. The “winner” is likely to be the one to adapt the fastest or, even better, stays a step ahead. 

It is not easy to be large and at the same time adaptable. That’s why we talk a lot about duality. We need to maintain the stability in our structure and hierarchy while, at the same time, developing the ability to work quickly and flexibly in networks. 

The one who has a leadership role has a greater responsibility that comes with the mandates of a manager. 

But we are all needed. When a company develops, it means in fact that the employees are the once changing. One of our most important duties is that we continue to be curious and willing to learn new things. We also need to take greater responsibility for being involved and driving development by fully contributing with our knowledge and skills. 

Leadership’s most important duty is therefore to enable and strengthen rather than to provide directives and control. 

It is fantastic to be a part of Stena, where we invest in development, competence supply and have Innovation as one of our key values. 

All Stena company’s work with this based on their own needs and possibilities. But we also provide development and learning through our joint initiatives such as Faster Forward and the leadership program Ready 4 Anything. Don’t miss out on that!


Stena AB

Stena AB // March 22, 2021


With the help of a new graduate programme, Stena Group IT will be attracting newly graduated talent from colleges and universities. First out were Lina Asadi and Thimmy Bernvåg, hired as trainees in January of last year. The results have been a real boost both for them and the entire organization.

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NTEX // March 22, 2021


NTEX, one of Sweden's largest privately owned transport and logistics companies, is now beginning investments in fossil-free vehicles. First out is a fully electric truck from Volvo Trucks that will be used for distribution in the Gothenburg region.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


The pandemic has affected all of us in many and different ways across the Stena Sphere. And the fact that it now has been going on for a year is very tough. Many challenges follow as a
consequence from the pandemic. Maria Holmberg, HR Director, Stena AB asked the HR Board to comment on the pandemic.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


Modern leadership, an inclusive culture and strong values ​​create the best conditions for well-functioning teams, high drive and commitment.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


This year’s edition of World Economic Forum in Davos was very different from previous years. The political line-up was stellar, as usual. Key note addresses were made by Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Ursula von der Leyen and many others. This year’s theme was “The great reset”, but the underlying tone was rather “Can we regain trust in our ability to influence our future?”

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