To be in Quarantine



I thought I knew what to expect.  14 days in a hotel, with my meals provided and snacks too! I downloaded some movies and sorted out some work to do and headed to London to begin my big adventure. So we arrived and wondered why they couldn’t just let us in to the reception area. Why leave us out there… and then we got in! WOW a lot of hard work has gone into this… from the minute you had your name taken it was like a military operation.


Full bag search to ensure I hadn’t tried to sneak in a bottle of gin or some wine. Then through into the room to fill in the forms and get the first of our tests. Then passport check, weights done, room key issued and through to another socially distanced room for the induction, it worked like a well-oiled machine, very well organised.


The induction was really good – really explained everything you needed to know and let you know why it is so important to follow the rules. The guys who set this up did a fantastic job!


Rooms are a decent size and a desk and good WIFI, so I managed to get some work done and then I headed out to get my bearings.


A few freezing circuits of the car park and then back inside for a few circuits of the inside of the hotel…. well the bit we can use. It turns out there are two groups, who are kept separate (they’re already a week in!).


Then back to the room to wait for our dinner slot… mmm I wonder what it will be? What a lovely dinner, tasted great – Day one and so far, I’m loving it…


Day two in the staging hotel and first thing on the agenda is a hearty breakfast… Served hot and tasty and with the reminder to order food for tomorrow! You do it via an app and get to choose some snacks too!


Breakfast done and checked-in with the office, it seemed like a good time to put the kettle on for a coffee and do my housekeeping (using the specially provided supplies). Almost time for the first temperature check of the day.  We get our temperature done at 10am and 2pm.  It’s weird how quickly somewhere becomes your home for a while.  I’m finding it quite easy to work from here. Second temperature check done and I think its time to get some fresh air and wave at some of the other inmates… I mean quarantined people.


I’m managing to fill my days here with work, and the food is really good.  My goal from now on has to be to walk off some of those lovely calories.  I’m wondering how the weekend will be… A lovely start to the weekend with a nice breakfast and it looks like I’m not the only one who wants some socially distanced exercise. At least the weather has warmed a little.


Whilst on the walk I saw my first sign of the other group… there is a double fence to make sure we can’t get too close to each other.  I saw some of the guys chatting through the fence…


It’s Monday and it feels good that I got through the first weekend, next weekend will be the last weekend in here. It’s not really that bad, but I do have to cut back on the snacks and up the steps.


My next milestone is tomorrow morning when I get the first of my two PCR tests…  I went for a walk this afternoon and saw the chairs all set out for us.


There’s so much goes on behind the scenes. The medics are pulling together a pack with the negative PCR test results for the other group. They take this with them to the airport. They got their mobilisation brief this morning. (I was emailed these pics taken by the Safety Officers attached to the other group)


It’s amazing how they managed to split a hotel in half. I’m in the green group and we have to follow the green arrows to get around…valthough they’ve done such a good job I’ve never seen an orange arrow yet!

What I have seen are the cheery Safety Officers who sit at their desk answering all sorts of questions and sorting us all out.

It’s not such a bad life in here, yes we can’t leave the facility, and yes there are security guards watching us, but it’s all done for the right reasons, to keep us all safe and Covid free.     

Tomorrow will be my first week in here complete and the orange group will head off to the rig, healthy and Covid free!


First week done and first PCR of the trip done, another at day 12 before we head off on day 14. Again, military operation, done in groups, very organised, quick and painless…bring on the negative result!


Got my first negative result just as the other group were heading off to the airport. So many buses as there are limited people on each bus, and it is all done in relation to the helicopter group you will be in… so organised and all under the eagle eye of security to ensure no breaches in protocol.


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