Is there anything more uniting than an arch rival? When Sweden’s women’s team in the cross-country skiing relay was on the starting line in the World Cup, Sweden had only atained silver in the four most recent World Cup races. Always defeatedby Norway.

The national team coach had, in the last second, declared the team. It consisted of Ebba Andersson, who dominated in the World Cup and who confidently handed over a lead to the 19-year-old junior Frida Karlsson, who in turn had only participated in one senior competition before the World Cup. Frida became the Word Cup’s new Crown Princess – coming from nowhere, she went home with three medals. She delivered on her leg and handed over to Charlotte Kalla. 32-year-old Kalla had not been in good shape and many people watching the race probably sighed in front of the TV, thinking that her competing was over. Kalla made her life’s relay leg and handed over a clear lead to Stina Nilsson. Stina was chased by the best female cross-country skier in the world, Therese Jouhaug, who caught up. But, in the decisive moment, on the home straight, Stina forged ahead of her and Sweden’s first World Cup gold medal in women’s cross-country skiing relay was a fact.

I often find inspiration for my leadership in sports. Sure, some newcomer among compe-titors that you’ve never heard of has snatched an order right in front of you sometime. Or, even more frustrating, a tired and older competitor who suddenly bursts with new energy and performs fine results. Or the companies that year-on-year deliver reliable results, like Ebba on the first leg.

The coach has an important mission here. To monitor the competitors, while at the same time see and match the individuals in their own team. What young talents in my team do I need to let through? And can I motivate someone who has worked many years to muster that extra energy when it’s most crucial. Are the steady employees confirmed? Those who reliably deliver to our customers, making Stena a little better every day.

I was hit by the words “stay relevant” in the responsibility we have as a Stena Leader and tried to examine myself by them. As I did so, I came to think about the time when our then 14-year-old son wanted a computer. His dad and I went to the store and asked our son if he wanted a desktop or a laptop. He replied that he would rather have a gift card, and his wish came true. Our son ordered six different packages online, to then put on a headlamp, watch an instructional movie on Youtube and in 8 hours build his own computer, without help. Stay relevant…

Fifth time lucky for the cross-country skiing women. Personally, I’ll challenge myself with a team of four in Exploring the golden minds one of the Ready 4 Anything courses. For who wants to be outrun on the home straight? 

Cecilia Fasth

Stena Fastigheter AB


Stena AB

Stena AB // March 22, 2021


With the help of a new graduate programme, Stena Group IT will be attracting newly graduated talent from colleges and universities. First out were Lina Asadi and Thimmy Bernvåg, hired as trainees in January of last year. The results have been a real boost both for them and the entire organization.

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NTEX // March 22, 2021


NTEX, one of Sweden's largest privately owned transport and logistics companies, is now beginning investments in fossil-free vehicles. First out is a fully electric truck from Volvo Trucks that will be used for distribution in the Gothenburg region.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


It's probably never felt nicer to leave a year behind as when we said goodbye to 2020 on New Year's Eve. It was great to turn the page and now I'm longing for spring, warm weather and vaccine. I long to meet my parents and I long for my husband's family and friends who live in Scotland and England. We haven't met since the autumn of 2019. Before all the rules and recommendations due to Corona and Brexit, it was easy to have family in two countries. Now it has become a challenge.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


The pandemic has affected all of us in many and different ways across the Stena Sphere. And the fact that it now has been going on for a year is very tough. Many challenges follow as a
consequence from the pandemic. Maria Holmberg, HR Director, Stena AB asked the HR Board to comment on the pandemic.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


Modern leadership, an inclusive culture and strong values ​​create the best conditions for well-functioning teams, high drive and commitment.

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