Ann-Charlotte Ytterberg started with yoga in the early 2000s. Since then there's been a whole lot of yoga classes. Today, she also does yoga at home once a week.

What made you fall for yoga?

I knew immediately that it was something for me. It is soft and smooth and provides balance in a double sense. You become calm in the body, which makes it easier to control different moods. You also achieve better balance in your movements and your alertness improves.

How often do you exercise?

I exercise at lunch twice a week. With that the focus is on cardio. Yoga is once a week and a class takes around 1.5 hours. 

Is there anything special you should think about before a yoga session?

I usually prepare my bedroom the night before. Everyone is different, but I find it easier to relax if it’s organised around me. The poses you do go in depth and stimulate the metabolism. So it’s important not to eat or drink 2-3 hours before your practice. The best is of course if you can do a session in the morning, but it tends to be difficult to find time everyday. 

How does a yoga session work? 

I light a candle, close the door and focus to remember the poses and in what order they should be performed. When I place myself on the mat I bring my hands together and start the mantra. I do sun salutation A and B, then move through the remaining poses and last the final mantra. Something rather special is that you breathe with a special technique called Ujjayi. This improves oxygen uptake and blood circulation increases. When the session is complete, I lie on my side, and breathe normally. Afterwards you should not eat or drink immediately. Perhaps you can have a cup of tea.

You perform Ashtanga yoga. What is special about this kind of yoga?

Ashtanga yoga is a form of yoga that is based on a series of exercises / poses where the series is the same every time. The series is designed to build up the body with strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

Have you been to a yoga retreat?

No, but I would love to go to India. Everyone who practices Ashtanga yoga does the same exercises in the same pattern and the mantra is the same for everyone so it wouldn’t be hard to keep up.

Why should one get started with yoga?

It’s great for anyone who needs to learn to relax. As a bonus, you train strength, agility and balance.

Tips for those who want to start?

The best is to take a course. Then you have to be patient. The poses you perform may seem impossible at first, but gradually you will be capable of more than you believe. In addition, there are various aids such as belts and blocks to help you reach and hold poses. If you don’t like Ashtanga, there are other types of yoga, such as those where you just meditate. 

At Stena in Gothenburg, we offer yoga on Tuesdays. If you haven’t yet tried yoga, you can give it a go there.

NameAnn-Charlotte Ytterberg
Years at Stena29
Works withPhoto and media
FamilyAn adult son and a fiancé
LivesTjörn, an island outside Gothenburg
InterestsTraining, nature and interior design

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