Sleep is necessary for the recovery of both the brain and the body and one of the most common reasons for disturbed sleep is stress. If you are very wound up, stress mechanisms are triggered and you can find it difficult to relax or achieve a good quality of sleep. If, in addition, you also think about not being able to sleep, you wind up your body even more, which makes you even more tense and stressed about not being able to sleep. Below, we have gathered some advice about what you can do to sleep better.

Caffeine and alcohol. Everybody reacts differently to caffeine, but since caffeine is a stimulant, it can disturb one’s sleep. Our body sees alcohol as a threat to our conscious state and thus tries to “wake us up”. This results in sleep becoming shallower and you waking up during the night or earlier than usual in the morning.

After physical activity, relaxation and winding down come as natural consequence. On the other hand, it takes a little time for your body to wind down so don’t train too intensely 2-3 hours before going to bed. 

Bedtime restriction. According to research, one of the most effective methods for better sleep is “bedtime restriction”. This means that you should only lie on your bed when you intend to sleep. Calculate how many hours you sleep on average during a week; begin with when you want to get up and calculate backwards. The time you arrive at is the time you should go to bed. Try it out for a week and see if the method works for you.

Sleep only at night. Try resting instead of sleeping during the day.

More light during the day. Make it as light as possible when you get up. Turn on lights, pull up blinds. Take a morning walk and/or a walk at lunchtime.

Turn off the lights before going to bed. Try gradually turning off the lights. Don’t sit in front of a computer screen, mobile phone or LED TV late in the evening.

Sleep in a cold room. A lower body temperature is good for sleeping and if the temperature in your bedroom is 15-18°C, you help your body to relax. If you don’t want the bedroom to be too cold, you could try opening a window before going to bed.

Rest before going to bed. Going from being awake to sleep is a gradual process. Try to have a routine where you relax before going to bed. It’s often better to sit up until you feel tired rather that trying to wind down in bed. Set an alarm for one hour before you intend to go to bed and, at the same time, turn off any computer, mobile phone or TV.

Get out of bed if you can’t sleep. If you are finding it difficult to get to sleep, it might be better to get up and leave the bedroom. Sit down and rest for 10-15 minutes. Go back to bed and think: if I sleep, I sleep. Repeat this procedure if necessary. Remove everything associated with being awake or stress from the bedroom. Charge your mobile in the kitchen!


Stena AB

Stena AB // March 22, 2021


With the help of a new graduate programme, Stena Group IT will be attracting newly graduated talent from colleges and universities. First out were Lina Asadi and Thimmy Bernvåg, hired as trainees in January of last year. The results have been a real boost both for them and the entire organization.

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NTEX // March 22, 2021


NTEX, one of Sweden's largest privately owned transport and logistics companies, is now beginning investments in fossil-free vehicles. First out is a fully electric truck from Volvo Trucks that will be used for distribution in the Gothenburg region.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


This year’s edition of World Economic Forum in Davos was very different from previous years. The political line-up was stellar, as usual. Key note addresses were made by Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Ursula von der Leyen and many others. This year’s theme was “The great reset”, but the underlying tone was rather “Can we regain trust in our ability to influence our future?”

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


It's probably never felt nicer to leave a year behind as when we said goodbye to 2020 on New Year's Eve. It was great to turn the page and now I'm longing for spring, warm weather and vaccine. I long to meet my parents and I long for my husband's family and friends who live in Scotland and England. We haven't met since the autumn of 2019. Before all the rules and recommendations due to Corona and Brexit, it was easy to have family in two countries. Now it has become a challenge.

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Stena AB // March 22, 2021


The pandemic has affected all of us in many and different ways across the Stena Sphere. And the fact that it now has been going on for a year is very tough. Many challenges follow as a
consequence from the pandemic. Maria Holmberg, HR Director, Stena AB asked the HR Board to comment on the pandemic.

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