I’ve probably got the best job in the world. Travel and social channels fit in with each other perfectly. There’s always something to say. Now all I have to do is to make sure that everybody working at Stena knows that we can be found in social channels and begins to follow and share us. I can guarantee that they will find inspiring and interesting information.

NameYlva Vitorovic
TitleBusiness Developer Social Web
FamilyHusband and 2 children, 11 and 14
InterestsFood and drink, travel, their allotment cottage, exercising


I GET UP AT 6.00 AM. Do my 7 Minute Workout (an app in my mobile). Leave before the family wakes up and whiz down the hill to work. Since I’m already at work by 7.00 am, I can go home earlier to have time to prepare food for the children before they leave to train.

My first meeting is with Jonathan Strömberg from European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) and we’re going to talk about possibly resuming our collaboration. Skimboarding is an action sport practised in shallow water close to the water’s edge. Skimboarders perform tricks, jump up on obstacles, do somersaults and so on. Every year, a tour is held in Europe and it visits just our destinations. A perfect way of showing a somewhat younger target group the destinations in a fresh and cool way. This is followed by a meeting with The Amazing Society about our strategy for social media in 2016. We discuss how to be the most socially talked-about ferry brand and how we can position ourselves as the go-to place for travel inspiration involving our destinations.

When the children have been fed and sent off to their different training activities, I put on my earphones and go for a 5 km run. When the children have gone to bed, I work on my side project, Matbloggspriset (Food Blog Prize) where every year we identify the best food blogger in Sweden.


ON TUESDAYS, IT’S ME WHO FIXES BREAKFAST AT HOME. It’s a nice feeling taking it a bit easy, eating together and walking hand in hand to school.

Once at work, it’s time for a meeting with AOL/BeON to see how we can help to disseminate our films to a larger audience on the Net. We get lots of exciting input and interesting information. The rest of the day is devoted to our CRM project. The aim is to decide on the scope, timetable and roles in the CRM project. This is cooperation between market, Web and IT. We want to be able to communicate in a personal way with customers in our different channels. To do this we will need to begin to use our data in a much smarter way, not least from the social channels that can help us to understand interests, behaviours and needs. They can also help us to identify new target groups. By means of simple contemporary and environmental analysis, I have, for example, noticed that there are a lot of young girls who write about the range of makeup we sell and that quite a lot of people in different equine sports travel with us.

We end the day at Boule Bar with a nice dinner and an incredibly exciting game of boules, not least the final between Amer Mohammed and Håkan Ekdahl. Spending time outside work is not only fun, it makes us tighter as a team, which facilitates and improves communication between us.


WE CONTINUE OUR DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THE CRM PROGRAM. Among other things, the consulting company Advectas presents examples of how we as a company can utilise text analysis of our own customer data and big data to better understand our customers and communicate in a smarter way with them. It’s also important that we have a common content strategy that gives the customer a coherent, seamless experience of our communication, regardless of channel. The buzz word is omnichannel.

The next meeting is with Linda Rosendal and Lisbeth Persson about how we can boost our loyalty program Extra in an inspiring way in the social channels. The aim is to recruit new members and get those who are already members to feel that it’s worth it. I’ve previously talked about filmed interviews. Inspired by the CRM meeting, I think we can do something even better and surprise the member of the month with something we know, thanks to our data, he or she likes and appreciates.

I end the day with a meeting with our web agency Welcom about how can take the bloggers in our countries to the next level with, among other things, geopositioning entries, subscriptions and some other bits and bobs. When the children are away at their training activities, I take the opportunity to power walk with a girlfriend in the Botanical Gardens. Walking in this fantastic environment is like balsam for both body and soul.


WHEN OUR DAUGHTER IS AT HER DANCE TRAINING, our son and I go running in the park Slottsskogen. Earlier, I had to drag him round the jogging track, now I’m finding it difficult to keep up with him. We spend the day at the allotment, pick blackberries, playing board games and boccia in the sunshine. A sunny September day is not something to be sneezed at.


Stena Line

Stena Line // March 22, 2021


Ferry company Stena Line plans to start operating two fossil-free battery powered vessels on the route between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn in Denmark no later than 2030. The unique newbuilding project now move from vision to vessel and is a close collaboration between Stena Line and Stena Teknik.

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Stena Line // December 16, 2020


In November Stena Line celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relocation of its ferry services to Belfast (12th November) from Larne in 1995 as well as launching the Holyhead – Dublin route (18th November). During this time, the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company has achieved a number of key milestones including transporting in excess of 45 million passengers, 10 million cars and 10 million freight units.

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Stena Line // October 23, 2020


In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, ferry company Stena Line started the construction of their two new longer E-Flexer ferries in China as well as started the lengthening of Stena Lagan in Turkey. Both projects shows how Stena Line invests long-term in modernising its large European fleet of ferries. Stena Line has not yet revealed the names or the routes.

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Stena Line // July 9, 2020


Stena Line continues to reduce CO2 emissions and is now ten years ahead of the international shipping targets for reducing emissions. In the newly published sustainability overview “A Sustainable Journey” Stena Line reports a reduction of both total CO2 emissions and per transported ton onboard the ferries. New, larger and more energy efficient vessels, AI assisted captains and an increased punctuality are some important measures.

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Stena Line // April 20, 2020


Stena, Wärtsilä, and Methanex Corporation are proud to mark five years of successful operation of the methanol-fuelled ferry Stena Germanica. This is the first ship in the world to run on methanol as a marine fuel, signifying a major milestone in the continued shift towards a more sustainable future for commercial shipping in line with the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

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