Anders Rylin has worked at Stena Renewable since the company was started up. He sat on the other side of the table and sold the first five turbines that Stena invested in. Anders helped build up the company’s project portfolio early on but in the last few years he has worked with operational and procurement questions. He has now come the full circle and since October, he is once again responsible for the project department.

NameAnders Rylin
TitleHead of Operations, Stena Renewable
InterestsSpending time with family and friends, hunting, cooking food and working out.


THE MORNING BEGINS at around 6 am when my mobile phone wakes me up. Annoyingly enough for my wife, the snooze function has been invented… At 6.30, we are awake and we begin to wake up the children. Half an hour later, we leave home. We leave Charlie at Lerjan nursery school and Caspar at his school Borsgårdsskolan in Tvååker, where he has begun nursery class. I try to get away as early as possible to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic and the queues in Gothenburg. Unfortunately at the expense of time with the children in the morning. Monday is most often spent in the office. After the weekend, there is a small discussion in front of our screen in the corridor where we follow up KPIs and production in our facilities and speculate about the week’s weather with a focus on our beloved wind! In the morning, we have an internal working meeting in the operations department about the procurement of service and maintenance agreements at one of our facilities. What should we focus on and look into before moving towards a decision?

Lunch is combined with a new routine where some of us go on a short run, today in Slottsskogen. My legs feel in good shape and I take it a bit easier after Saturday’s long run. During the afternoon, we discuss insurance questions with Henrik Berg from the insurance department. After really boring Monday traffic on my way home, I arrive just in time for supper at 6 o’clock followed by trampoline time with the boys. By 8 o’clock, the children are in bed and at about 10 in the evening I write out my notes from the meeting and e-mail them after having dozed off in the sofa in front of the TV…


TODAY, THE ALARM CLOCK RINGS at 5.45 and I jump up out of bed as I need to leave 15 minutes earlier to be in time for circuit training at 7 o’clock.

The morning is spent working on the Quintet project. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything more about this project until the day it becomes reality…

The afternoon is devoted to a quarterly meeting with a service supplier, which is handled by my Operations Engineer and Analyst. Everything goes smoothly and I leave the meeting to take part in a review of the necessary conditions for linking our cluster of newly developed wind farms around Uppvidinge in Småland. About 110 wind turbines in four wind farms will be added to electricity pricing area 4, where the electricity is most needed, but with costly and complicated permit processes and a large number of players involved. Stena as the largest player in the area has to be the locomotive and this, of course, places demands on us.


WAKE UP WITH A BIT OF A COLD. TYPICAL!The quarterly meeting with our supplier continues during the morning, but since it’s going so well I take the opportunity to tackle the constantly growing pile of mail. I’ll collate and send information to a supplier as the basis for discussions about our project in a week or so.

Lunch followed by a meeting with another supplier, where we go through our project portfolio, our needs moving forward and being updated about their turbines and service solutions. Today, wind power is in a market that is extremely competitive and it is essential that every investment is based on the most cost effective solution.

The day ends a bit earlier so that I have time to be a leader in Caspar’s football practice. One of the highlights of the week!


Administration with authorisation of salaries, invoices and registration of mileage logs. Discussion about the procurement of consulting assignments in the Quintet project. Collate key figures and go through documentation prior to negotiations with a service supplier on a settlement and new service agreements after which Peter Zachrisson and I hold the meeting in the afternoon. A step forward, but if they want us to renew our trust in them, they’ll have to make a bit more of an effort.


Working from home and can take Caspar to the bus and also he can come home directly after school instead of being at after-school care until 5 o’clock. This relieves the pressure of long days for both me and the children and enables me to be at home a bit more. During the day I spend a few hours on a joint project with Stena Recycling where we are trying to negotiate sales of second-hand wind turbines or, alternatively, dismantle and recycle them. I prepare next week’s 3-day trip to exciting colleagues in the industry who have built Chinese turbines and for discussions about common questions concerning the construction of large wind farm projects and operational questions.


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