Stena Line invests big in region Denmark

Stena Line makes a big investment to increase both freight and passenger transport to Denmark. The goal is to increase the number of passengers with 300,000 people and to double the freight volume of the Grenaa route. As part of the investment Stena Line brings the Caribbean to Kattegat with The Reef Bar on the Stena Danica. At the same time the vessel is turned into a digital test arena.

In total, MSEK 25 have been invested in the Stena Danica. Part of this is The Reef Bar, with the new glass encased sun deck and Caribbean features such as food, drinks, music and décor. It strives to transform the trips with the Stena Danica from mere transportation into an exciting event. The goal is to enhance the passenger experience and strengthen the connection with the tropical water park The Reef in Fredrikshavn.

“The Reef Bar is part of the investment program we have launched in order to reach our ambitious goals. We are happy to be able to offer this to our existing customers, and at the same time we hope to attract a new audience. Our passengers will get the chance to enjoy something you otherwise can’t find on this side of the Atlantic, says Tony Michaelsen, Route Director for Region Denmark at Stena Line.”

Another part of the investment was spent on turning the  Stena Danica into a digital test arena for new technology and services. Digitalisation is one of the cornerstones of Stena Line and the results from the trials at the Stena Danica will benefit the whole company. For example, the successes could be implemented on the new RoPax vessels which are being built in China.

“Digitalisation is a central part of our strategy and the Stena Danica will enable us to test new technology for tomorrow’s passengers today. During the summer we will continue the trials with AI controlled advertising. This will help us learn from the staff onboard and their knowledge of the passengers. In the long run, it will lead to more efficient and profitable processes, along with a more personalized experience for the customer, says Magnus Osbeck, Head of Digital Onboard Experience at Stena Line.”

There are multiple purposes of the investment in the routes between Sweden and Denmark. The first is to increase the number of Swedish passengers with 300,000 people until 2022. The second is to double the freight volume of the Grenaa route over time, due to the intended move of the route from Varberg to Halmstad.

Three digital advances on the Stena Danica

#1 New digital infrastructure

One essential condition for digitalisation onboard is a fast and well-functioning Wi-Fi network. Thanks to fiber the Stena Danica now has a new digital infrastructure which is accessible all over the ship. The local network is suited for high speed streaming and is able to handle 20,000 devices simultaneously.

#2 Stream movies onboard

The digital infrastructure has made it possible to launch the new infotainment platform
Passengera. It is intended to be used by Stena Line to show movies onboard, but the big difference is that passengers themselves could get access to the platform and stream movies on their own mobile devices.

#3 AI controlled advertisement

During the renovation, the Stena Danica was equipped with a large number of digital screens which can be controlled by AI. The first trials are already on the way with a focus on food and beverages. With the help of AI, restaurant and bar staff has the opportunity to control which products are being advertised to passengers and when – all with the press of a button. In this way the staff can impact demand and sales which leads to a more efficient work process and in the long run bigger profit.


Stena Line

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Ferry company Stena Line plans to start operating two fossil-free battery powered vessels on the route between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn in Denmark no later than 2030. The unique newbuilding project now move from vision to vessel and is a close collaboration between Stena Line and Stena Teknik.

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In November Stena Line celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relocation of its ferry services to Belfast (12th November) from Larne in 1995 as well as launching the Holyhead – Dublin route (18th November). During this time, the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company has achieved a number of key milestones including transporting in excess of 45 million passengers, 10 million cars and 10 million freight units.

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In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, ferry company Stena Line started the construction of their two new longer E-Flexer ferries in China as well as started the lengthening of Stena Lagan in Turkey. Both projects shows how Stena Line invests long-term in modernising its large European fleet of ferries. Stena Line has not yet revealed the names or the routes.

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Stena Line continues to reduce CO2 emissions and is now ten years ahead of the international shipping targets for reducing emissions. In the newly published sustainability overview “A Sustainable Journey” Stena Line reports a reduction of both total CO2 emissions and per transported ton onboard the ferries. New, larger and more energy efficient vessels, AI assisted captains and an increased punctuality are some important measures.

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Stena, Wärtsilä, and Methanex Corporation are proud to mark five years of successful operation of the methanol-fuelled ferry Stena Germanica. This is the first ship in the world to run on methanol as a marine fuel, signifying a major milestone in the continued shift towards a more sustainable future for commercial shipping in line with the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

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