The municipal elementary school in Fisksätra, east of Stockholm, has suffered from few applicants for serveral years. In September, Stena Real Estate bought the school from the municipality. The acquisition of the elementary school building is unique in the company's history, and is part of the work to strengthen the whole of Fisksätra. In the autumn of 2021, the school opens again – with the Viktor Rydberg Foundation as principal.

You couldn’t miss the joy in the voice of Kristy Lundström, Head of School at Viktor Rydberg, when she talks about the new school in Fisksätra. Even though the interview is done by phone, the whole room is filled with excitement. And these are clearly exciting times for Viktor Rydberg’s schools, as it’s the first time they have the opportunity to start a school for children from 6 to 16 years old.

”It’s great to get to work with students when they have just started school, and follow them until they graduate. We work with active learning and the concept ”the brain wants to have fun”. Thus, it’s very satisfying to be part of a context where we can work so closely with other stakeholders. Stena Fastigheter’s vision of strengthening Fisksätra suits us very well. We want the school to be a hub, and to build relationships between students from Fisksätra and young people living in other parts of Stockholm ”, says Kristy Lundström.

The Viktor Rydberg schools’ foundation runs independent schools known for their competent teachers and students with excellent study results. Kristy Lundström herself has followed Viktor Rydberg’s development since the start of their first high school in Danderyd in 1994, until now. By this point, they are running seven high schools and upper secondary schools in the Stockholm area. When the Swedish school authority Skolinspektionen gives its approval, the school in Fisksätra will become the eighth.

”One of our mantras is to always have positive expectations. Everyone can learn and all children look forward to going to school. And if they don’t, it’s our job to make sure they will. We are convinced that all parents want to see their children succeed. Together, we will ensure that’s just what the children at Viktor Rydberg’s schools in Fisksätra will do. What drives us are personal relationships, quality in school work and the courage to be innovative and think entrepreneurially. That’s what inspires us who work here”, says Kristy Lundström.



As for Stena Fastigheter, the acquisition of Fisksätraskolan is an important step in continuing developing Fisksätra. Here Stena Fastigheter has just over 2,500 apartments, with plans for a number of new rental apartments and condominiums.

”A well-functioning school is the single most important issue for the residents of Fisksätra. An attractive school is also a prerequisite for Fisksätra to develop and become an even more prosperous district. The school contributes to increased pride, commitment and stability”, says PG Sabel, CEO Stena Fastigheter Stockholm.

Karin Linander, who works as Property Manager at Stena Fastigheter Stockholm, describes how the company has long followed the discussions around the school in Fisksätra, but how something suddenly happened in 2018.

”Before the last election to the parliament, the associations in Fisksätra organised a political hearing. It turned out that what the residents were really interested in, and what discussions took most of the time, were the ones concerning the school. Then we realised that we could not go on for several years without doing anything”, says Karin Linander.

After that, things have moved on rapidly. Ideas and drawings from one of Sweden’s foremost architects Thomas Sandell have been produced and discussions have been held with the management of Viktor Rydberg’s schools as well as with the municipality’s politicians. In May 2019, this led to Nacka municipality being informed that Fisksätra-skolan would be sold. In June, the city council confirmed the decision.

”Fewer students tend to choose Fisksätraskolan. Only 92 out of 750 school children in Fisksätra have chosen Fisksätraskolan. The school has a hard time attracting educated teachers, the study results are low and it is not recommended by parents. All in all, this means that the school has reached a breaking point where it can no longer offer an education meeting our requirements”, said Einar Fransson, Production Director, Nacka’s municipal schools, in a press release when the sale became official.

However, the decision was not welcomed by everyone. Primarily criticism came from the opposition, but even parents of children at Fisksätraskolan felt that the decision was made too quickly. They felt that they didn’t have enough time to apply for a new school for the autumn term. The municipality agreed that the process was short but necessary and assured that every student would be offered a place at another school in the immediate area.

”All students are entitled to a great, stimulating education. I am very positive that Viktor Rydberg, one of Sweden’s very best schools, wants to establish a business in Fisksätra. It will be an important part of our future investment in Fisksätra,” says Mats Gerdau, Chairman of the municipal council in a press release.


School and preschool activities at Fisksätraskolan ended during the summer. On September 2 this year, Stena Fastigheter was officially admitted to the school. At the turn of the year, extensive renovations are expected to begin and if everything goes as planned, the school will open in the autumn of 2021.

”This is a school from the 1970s. A lot of things have to be improved to meet the requirements of today and together with the architectural firm, we are now looking at what we will do next.  For me personally, it has been a really exciting journey, to be able to help developing Fisksätra,” says Karin Linander, Property Manager Stena Fastigheter Stockholm.


Located at the inlet of the Baltic Sea in Nacka municipality, east of Stockholm, Fisksätra is beautifully nestled between the forest and the sea. 



Stena Fastigheter is the owner of more than 2,500 apartments in Fisksätra. The company is investing heavily in the development of the area. The acquisition of Fisksätraskolan is one of those investments. Up to 2030, extensive renovations of the existing houses will be completed. New housing, rental as well as condominiums, nursing homes and preschools will be built. To begin with, 380 homes will be built in Fisksätra Entré.



The Viktor Rydberg schools’ foundation was founded in 1994 by Louise Ankarcrona and Louise Westerberg. It is a Swedish foundation with all returns reinvested in the business. Today, the foundation runs three high schools and four upper secondary schools with more than 3,000 students and 315 employees in the Stockholm area. The foundation’s schools are private schools. The new school in Fisksätra, tentatively named Viktor Rydberg’s school in Fisksätra, will have capacity for about 540 students between 6 and 16 years old.



On June 17 this year, the City Council of Nacka Municipality decided to sell Fisksätraskolan to Stena Fastigheter. About the same time, all present operations were closed down. All students have chosen and been given places in other schools. The community youth center will move into new premises in the end of the year and the community house in the spring 2020.


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