New director of communications wants to draw attention to Stena Fastigheter’s work

“We do good things and we should talk about them and share them. My focus, moving forward, is to strengthen our brand and draw attention to our work with social sustain-ability”, says Cecilia Fredholm, the newly appointed Director of Communications at Stena Fastigheter.

Cecilia Fredholm had been working for almost six months in her new position when SfärNytt met her at Stena Fastigheter’s office in Malmö. She knows her colleagues well and says hello to everybody who walks by. Before she agreed to take up the position of head of public relations at group level, she worked at Stena Fastigheter in Malmö as Director of Communications and social sustainability.

“I began working as a communicator at the Malmö-based company four years ago but my role changed rapidly. A year later, I was made responsible for developing our work with Relationship Management, that is, our own way of working with social sustainability”, says Cecilia Fredholm.

Developed relationship management

Through her work at the Malmö-based company, Cecilia Fredholm has contributed to pupils in the city getting homework help so that they can leave school with a school-leaving certificate – and she has created a leadership program for young residents in Stena Fastigheter’s housing areas.

“I’ll never forget when a boy called Bledar, who had had a summer job with us, told me that he would probably have been hanging out outside ICA Supermarket if it hadn’t been for Stena Fastigheter. Today, he is a coordinator at the community centre in one of our housing areas. This is proof that we as a property owner have a large responsibility and that we also have considerable room for action when it comes to doing something good for individuals and the community as a whole”.

As regards development, Cecilia Fredholm has not only helped other people to grow, she has also been given the opportunity to develop herself at Stena Fastigheter by taking part in the development programs GROW and Stena Challenge.

“It’s meant a lot to me. I now have a better understanding of the company Stena Fastig-heter as part of a larger group, and what type of leadership we stand for. We are value-driven and entrepreneurial. By taking part I’ve also been able to build up my own network in the different companies. It’s been so inspiring”.

The future

If we take a closer look at Cecilia Fredholm’s choice of previous workplaces, we can see that communication and social sustainability are a common thread. Among other thing, she has worked for the Red Cross and at various com-munications agencies as a project leader, and when the former Director of Communications Elise Berggren and the Group President and CEO retired at the end of the year, they were succeeded by two Cecilias, that is, Cecilia Fasth and Cecilia Fredholm.

“It feels good to take on this role at the same time as we have Cecilia Fasth as the new group president and CEO. The company is undergoing change and we are going from being a property manager to being an urban developer. The role of communication will be to reflect the preventive work we are doing to create sustainable housing areas and cities. What drives me personally is development. Things can always be done better, but I’m not a competitive person; for me, it’s important that development takes place in collaboration with other people”.

About Cecilia Fredholm

Title: Director of Communications, Stena Fastigheter AB
Age: 42
No. of years at Stena: 4
Lives: Malmö
Interests: Fun food experiences, wave surfing, yoga and travel. Preferably a combination of all four.


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