Successful Knowledge Day


Interest in plastic recycling is extremely high. This was clearly demonstrated at Stena Recycling's Knowledge Day at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in April. More than 200 guests from several countries attended to listen and participate in the discussions.

“We want to go from 80 to 90 per cent recycled plastic in our bags, and we need a reliable value chain guaranteed to deliver the best quality goods. Through Stena Recycling’s investment in a new plastic process, this will be possible and contribute to the circular economy,” said Andreas Malmberg, CEO of Trioplast, who was one of the speakers at the Knowledge Day. 

Stena Recycling works closely with Trioplast, a major supplier of plastic shopping bags. Thanks to the collaboration, the soft plastic collected by Stena Recycling’s various customers get a new life, for example as grocery bags. Thereafter the plastic can be recycled again and the loop for plastic materials can be closed.

The fact that cooperation is crucial for increasing recycling and getting more materials to circulate was emphasised by several participants, including by Malin Baltzar, Head of Sustainable Business at Stena Recycling AB and the moderator of the event.

“Cooperation is very important when it comes to creating circular flows of materials. Each party is only a part of the loop, a part of the puzzle. Therefore it is very important that we come together to share information and knowledge. We need cooperation, we need to understand each other’s activities so that the material can flow from one business to another and be used again and again..”

The guests consisted of customers and partners from industries and other businesses in Northern Europe – each with different challenges and opportunities, but all with a common interest in more sustainable management of plastic in the near future.

Beyond interesting lectures and discussions, guests were treated to a tour of the Stena Nordic Recycling Center where they got to see the new process for the recycling of soft plastics.

Lisa Axelsson, one of the project managers of the installation, shared that capacity is 10,000 tons of soft plastic each year – of high quality.

“We manage the whole recycling chain, from collecting from our customers and sorting at our branches to our processes here in Halmstad. The quality of the plastic granules we produce is very high. This means our customers can reduce the use of virgin raw materials in their processes. It’s good for the planet and the environment!”

In the plastic processing hall were also samples of different types of plastic granules. Here it became clear that the recycled materials, which is very similar to new plastic material, are of significant interest. Many hands were outstretched to feel the plastic and learn more.

After a full day of focusing on plastic, Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO of Stena Recycling AB, concluded that it was a successful event.

“It was a fantastic day, with numerous valuable discussions and I feel that we, together with our customers and partners, really share the same ambition. To close the loop and get more plastic to circulate and become new products again.”

1. Malin Baltzar, Head of Sustainable Business at Stena Recycling AB and the moderator of the event.
2. Panel discussion with experts from Stena Recycling and invited participants.
3. Lisa Axelsson, one of the project managers of the new process for the recycling of soft plastics at Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad.
4. Aleksandra Surdykowska, Marketing & PR Coordinator, Stena Recycling Poland, takes a closer look at the raw material as it looks before it turns into new plastic pellets.

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