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Digital Champions Program utilizes internal resources to speed the adoption of modern workplace and improve new ways of working.

The Program consists of three core modules.


  • Based on a common digital platform O365, we are delivering  champions program across all Stena companies at the same time.
  • We are running a recorded webinar program with mixed and diverse teams from different organizations. A digital community open for discussion and knowledge sharing between Digital Champions at Stena.

Who is a Digital Champion?

A Digital Champion is a natural driver, a person who wants to add more value to the people of Stena in the development of a digital workplace. The Digital Champion believes there is a more effective way to accomplish day to day tasks, where technology helps the organization to achieve more. Curious by nature and ready to help, a digital champion is motivated by learning new things and ready to lead the change for employees of Stena. This means that the champions do not necessarily need technology competence. Rather, the digital champion is passionate about bringing change to the workplace and believes that technology can transform the way people work.

Why join the Digital Champions Program?

The Champion will learn about new digital technologies and how they can positively impact their business. They will identify and promote new ways of working.

We’re launching a series of recorded Digital Champions webinars.

Become a Digital Champion today, click here to register!

“By collaborating together and sharing experience, knowledge increases. A community of champions for the digital workplace has the opportunity for achieving many powerful results, in various areas of the business.”

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Stena Sphere

Stena Sphere // March 25, 2020

Dan Sten Olsson

At Stena we know that the shipping business is a cyclical business and the world economy will also always behave in cycles.

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Stena Metall // March 20, 2020


Electrification and battery operation are making inroads into more and more contexts. Taking care of all the worn-out batteries and reusing or recycling them efficiently has become a major challenge for the future. Stena Recycling aims to become one of the largest players in the battery field in Europe.

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Stena Sphere // March 20, 2020

Dan Sten Olsson

Shipping is the most energy efficient way of transporting goods. Sea transport is usually large-scale and the sea is paving itself. Despite a doubled gross domestic production, the world’s carbon dioxide emissions in year 2050 from combustion of fossil fuels are expected to be no more than half of today’s total emissions.

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Stena Line // March 20, 2020


After more than six years’ in planning and construction, Stena Line’s newest E-Flexer ferry Stena Estrid started service on the Irish Sea route from Dublin to Holyhead on January 13, 2020.

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Stena Sphere // March 20, 2020


The week long World Economic Forum meeting in Davos is actually many different things.First and foremost it is a meeting place. Many of our customers and suppliers are represented there and one-on-one meetings are taking place everywhere in the little alp village. Through the event-app the 3,000 “partners” are in continuous dialogue with each other. It is speed-dating brought to a new level with the help of technology – and “everybody” is there.

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