Stena Logistics

Stena Logistics // December 16, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to get creative. This autumn, Stena Logistics-owned company NMT International Shipping and Stena RoRo came up with a mutually beneficial solution to put a Stena RoRo vessel to good use on a route from Europe to Africa.

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Stena Logistics // December 12, 2019


There is considerable power in networking and good relationships that in the long run, can open the way for entirely new business opportunities. Stena's new business area – Stena Logistics – is a shining example of this. That the organization got off to such a good start is partly due to Stena Bulk helping the Korean transport and logistics company Hyundai Glovis in 2013, when they wanted to be the first in Asia to establish a route through the Northeast Passage.

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